Why Paying for the Best Home Security Is Worth It

There are some things in life where it is worth buying a second rate product to save so money, but home security is too important to skimp on. This list will show why it is always worth paying for the best home security.

Peace of Mind

Your home is your escape from the world and the one place you should be able to go to get away from the stresses of life. Nothing can ruin this peace of mind faster than a break in, and the effects will last for years after the actual event.

Vacationers also often worry about keeping their home safe during an extended absence. Rather than bothering the neighbors and relying on them to keep watch on the house, a security system can keep it safe 24/7, allowing you to vacation in peace. The best home security can take away the worry of someone breaking in to your home, freeing you of those worries.

Make Your Home a Less Appealing Target

A significant portion of the benefit of a security system is their deterrence aspect. Studies have shown that criminals spend less than a minute when they are breaking into a home. Anything that makes gaining entry more difficult, deadbolt locks, barred windows, or a security system, makes it that much less likely that a criminal will target your home. 90% of burglars also state that they avoid homes with alarm systems, so making the fact that you have a security system apparent can help as well.

In general criminals of all sorts are on the lookout for easy targets. Making your house look like a difficult target will go a long way towards reducing the danger of a break in.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety

One aspect of home security systems that is often overlooked is their ability to automatically call emergency services when they detect a fire in your home. While a fire may seem like an incredibly unlikely event, US fire departments respond to an average of 370,000 home fire calls each year. Fires can be started by all sorts of things, cooking mistakes, heating units, blocked chimneys, water heaters, and candles, are just a few things that can start fires. Each year, fires cost $325 million in lost property and cause more than 700 injuries and deaths.

Home security systems can save you from the danger of fire by calling for help as soon as the fire starts. The average response time for a fire department is six minutes from being informed of the fire. If it takes you two minutes to call the fire department, their response time from the start of the fire has increased by 33%, leaving that much more time for the fire to damage your home. Having a security system make the call for you can get the fire department to your home as quickly as possible.

Carbon monoxide is another common issue in homes, responsible for more than 15,000 emergency room visits each year. Because carbon monoxide is odorless and otherwise undetectable, a security system that can monitor for it and call for help when needed can save lives.

Have a Remote Control for Your Home

Why Paying for the Best Home Security Is Worth It

Modern security systems do more than protect your home by monitoring for intruders or other emergencies. These systems also act as a control center for your home, and by extension, a remote control for your home when connected to a smart phone app. You can check to see what, if any windows or doors are open, set alerts to notify you every time a door is opened, and more. Some systems even let you control the lights, heat, or to view live video feeds of the interior and exterior of your home.

Whether you want a way to monitor your home on the go, or a way to make sure your children aren’t throwing parties while you’re away, a home security system gives you that ability.

Discounted Home Insurance

Why Paying for the Best Home Security Is Worth It

Home security systems can be a significant expense but may actually save you money over time. Insurance companies base their rates purely on statistics and the likelihood that your home will be the target of a burglar or other criminal. Home security systems are one of the best deterrents of criminals, so installing one significant reduces the odds that your home is targeted. Many insurance companies realize this and will lower your rates if you install a security system that meets certain standards. Your premium may drop as much as twenty percent when you install the home security system, saving you hundreds or thousands over the life of the system.

Better Customer Service and Better Results

While all home security companies can provide an effective product that will help keep your home safe not all home security companies are made equal. Only the best home security companies come with the name recognition that will really help to deter criminals, the state of the art products that will fully secure your home, and the top tier customer service that makes resolving any issues you have a breeze. Taking time to make sure that you are working with one of the best companies available will reduce the headaches of installing and maintaining the system, as well as make it more effective.

Increased Property Values

Installing a security system can take time and often you will be responsible for covering the cost of much of the equipment. If you are looking to sell your home having a home security system can increase the value of your property because the future owners will not need to invest in the equipment or go through the installation period.

Panic Button

If the worst should happen and a burglar breaks into your home while you are in it, you may not be able to reach a phone to call for help. Modern security systems come with a panic button on them that will connect you directly to emergency services. This gives you an extra option for getting the help you need and provides even more peace of mind.

Security Without a Landline

Why Paying for the Best Home Security Is Worth It

With cell phones becoming so common many homes are eschewing landlines in favor of their mobile devices. The downside of this is that when the power goes out, so does you way to call for help. A security system offers a way to communicate with emergency services, even without a landline.

Home security systems are an effective way to deter crime, to reduce your insurance premiums, and even increase the value of a home. Installing one of the best systems available is worth the many benefits that it brings.

The One Reason You Need to Hire the Best Home Security Company

A home security system for your home is incredibly important to have because it promotes peace of mind and protects you, your family, and your belongings from burglary, fire, and other dangers. When choosing home security companies it is absolutely essential that you find the best home security company.

The One Reason You Need to Hire the Best Home Security Company

The one, most important reason to find the best company is quality of customer service.

There are many good home security companies that provide state of the art systems that can monitor every aspect of your home. Whether you need a system that does nothing but call for emergency services if someone enters your home while the system is armed, or a system that is remote controllable and gives you information on every aspect of your home, most companies can provide it. The major differentiator between a good home security company and the best home security company is how its employees interact with customers and the level of service that they provide.

The One Reason You Need to Hire the Best Home Security Company

Home security company call centers often get incredibly busy, leading to customers being forced to wait on hold when they call, or worse, press the panic button on their security system’s control panel. This can lead to frustration when trying to resolve minor issues and danger when it happens in higher stakes situations. The best home security companies will have fully staffed call centers and properly prioritize calls to ensure that no time sensitive issues is left by the way side.

Another issue that occasionally appears is companies becoming complacent due to false alarms. If your home has a history of false alarms, some lesser companies will wait longer before making the call to emergency services. If you contract the services of the best home security company available they will never become complacent and will help you reduce instances of false alarms if they become a recurring issue at your home.

The One Reason You Need to Hire the Best Home Security Company

Making sure that your home has a home security system is incredibly important, but making sure that you are receiving the best service possible will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your security system.

How to Find the Best Home Security Companies

Your home is your escape from the world and a place where you should feel welcome, rested, and safe. Home security systems can help foster that feeling of safety by providing you with confidence that any potential intruder will be stopped in their tracks. These tips will help you find the best home security companies and to keep your home safe.

How to Find the Best Home Security Companies

Consider the Company’s Age

There are a number of factors that you can use to identify a good home security company. One of the primary factors is the age of the company. The best home security companies have been in business for decades. Some have been in business for over a hundred years. Having a long history of providing security service shows that the company offers effective protection at a reasonable price. The experience the company has also means that they will be able to handle any situation, no matter how unusual. Older companies with more name recognition may even prevent potential home intruders for attempting to enter your home in the first place, due to fear of the security provided by the company.

The benefits of old companies do not completely eliminate the worth of working with a company that is new in the home security market. In a market that is as saturated as home security, new companies will only enter the market if they believe they have a significant advantage or innovation. Whether this is a new technology, intense commitment to customer service, or some other strength, choosing a newer company can bring its own benefits.

Ask for References or Read Company Reviews

No one will know the quality of service that a company can provide better than current or former customers. Speaking with someone who has previously used the services of a home security company that you are considering gives you the chance to learn about how reliable they are, how quickly the respond to issues, how flexible they are, and a myriad of other information the company does not advertise.

If you don’t have the chance to speak directly to a current or former customer, reading reviews of the company is the next best thing. Online reviews are sometimes overly praising or overly critical, but they can provide a rough idea as to the quality of a company and provide a starting point for your research.

Determine Your Exact Needs

Just as every home security company offers different products and services, everyone’s needs are different. Paying extra for services that are not necessary for your home situation or purchasing service that does not fully meet your needs does not make sense.

To avoid this, carefully consider what exactly you need from a security company. Do you need a company that will automatically call emergency services as soon as they detect an issue at your home, or do you want a system that notifies you first? Do you want surveillance cameras on your property, or you want to rely on window and door sensors?

Determining what your needs and wants are, and clearly outlining these during your discussions with companies will help you find the company that can provide the best service for you.

Shop Around

Home security contracts can last for multiple years, so it is important to get the best deal that you can. To this end, be sure to shop around when you are looking for a home security company. Compare services offerings as well as price to find the best ratio of coverage to cost, and don’t be afraid to play companies off each other to try to get a better deal. The best home security companies expect savvy shoppers to try to negotiate and they are competing for your business, so do not worry about scaring them away.

Deals, Sales, and Extras

Home security companies, like in any competitive market, are fighting against each other for customers. This not only means that they are constantly innovating their products, but that they also offer promotions, deals, sales, and other extras. If you have found multiple companies who meet your needs and are asking for a fair price, consider whether any of the companies are running promotions or deals at the time. Often, you can get a reduced rate for the first year, a certain amount of free equipment, or even bonuses unrelated to home security. Taking advantage of these kinds of deals can result in a significant savings.

How to Find the Best Home Security Companies

Protecting your home is incredibly important for keeping your family safe and maintaining your peace of mind. Hiring the right home security company can make keeping your home safe simple by preventing home intruders from posing a danger to you. If you are in the market for a home security system, be sure to follow these tips to find the best home security company for you.

How to Choose the Best Home Security Service for You

Home security companies offer a number of different products and service level. It can be confusing to determine exactly what level of service and what products you need to fulfill your situations requirements. If you need help finding the best home security service for you consider the types of service available.

Unmonitored Security Systems

These are the most basic type of service that home security companies provide. When armed, this system will prevent intruders from entering your home by turning on lights and setting of loud sirens when it is tripped. There is no connection to a monitoring center so you will need to call emergency services on your own, or rely on your neighbors to do so if you are not home at the time.

These systems can be useful because they are easier and cheaper to install than monitored systems, will prevent you from raising false alarms to emergency services, and allow you to avoid monthly monitoring fees. Their disadvantages come from the fact that you are relying on your neighbors to protect your home, and they may become complacent if your home is prone to false alarms.

Monitoring Service

How to Choose the Best Home Security Service for You

This is the standard type of service provided by home security companies, but it comes with three variations. Monitoring service connects your home with a monitoring center run by your security company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you press the emergency button on your control panel, or when someone enters your home and triggers the alarm, the monitoring center will be notified and will begin to take action to keep your home safe.

Landline monitoring services connect to your home using a telephone landline. This is one of the more reliable methods of connecting your home to a monitoring center, but it is the slowest method of communicating with the monitoring center.

Cellular monitoring service uses the cellular telephone infrastructure to communicate with your local monitoring center. The connection is faster than a landline connection and will not be lost if your landline is cut, but if reception is lost due to a downed tower, harsh weather, or another reason; your connection to the monitoring center will be lost as well.

Broadband monitoring service is the cheapest of the three and uses your internet connection to connect to the monitoring center. It is the fastest method of connecting, but is less reliable because it will fail if your internet goes out for any reason.

Home Automation Service

Home automation service is a feature that is available with newer home security systems that gives you remote control over numerous a parts of your home. Home automation service will connect with your smartphone or a computer application to allow you to monitor your home from anywhere. You can set it to notify you of specific situations such as doors opening, motion sensors being tripped, or even your liquor cabinet being accessed.

These systems are useful because they have uses other than keeping your home safe from intruders. As an example, if you go on a trip and leave a child at home, you can monitor their activity to ensure they are not getting into trouble. You can also use these systems to do a visual check on your home as many of these systems come with video cameras that can serve a live feed to your phone or PC.

How to Choose the Best Home Security Service for You


Each type of system can be augmented with extras that protect you from more than just intruders. You can include fire detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, motion detectors that trigger lights, and more. If you have fears of a home fire or carbon monoxide building up in your home, these extras can provide peace of mind at little additional cost.

Choosing the best home security service for you can be difficult, but if you take the time to consider your needs and the different kinds of service available you will be able to find the best combination of protection and price.

How an Interactive Home Security System Can Keep Your Home Safe

When people think of home security systems they often think of the older, more basic systems that set off alarms when triggered, or systems that automatically contact emergency services on your behalf. Technological advances and the ubiquity of smart phones have made a new, more interactive form of home security appear.

How an Interactive Home Security System Can Keep Your Home Safe

Interactive systems create a remote control for your home that you can access through a smart phone or PC. You can create a set of rules for notifications so that you will be instantly alerted when certain things happen. For example, you can set up your system to automatically alert you when your front door is opened, when a window is broken, or a motion detector outside your home is triggered. What makes these systems interactive is the fact that you can choose the proper response to these alerts, whether that response is to call for help, check the issue out yourself, or do nothing.

Interactive systems can pair with video cameras that are installed outside your home. You can remotely access these cameras to view live video feeds of your home’s surroundings. This gives you the opportunity to check in on your house, as well as a way to gather more information when you receive an alert from your security system. You can also create settings that will cause your cameras to start recording video that can be viewed at a later time.

Another useful feature of interactive systems is home automation. You can control your lights, thermostat, locks, garage door, and more wirelessly. You can also create a schedule for them to follow on a regular basis. This is especially useful for when you are going on vacation and want to make your house look occupied. Combining home automation with geo-tracking services can make it even more convenient. If you want your home to turn off the heat or air conditioning when you leave the house, and turn it back on when you’re on your way home, a geo-tracking enabled home security system can do that.

Interactive security systems are some of the most advanced systems available on the market. In addition to their numerous features security companies will work to retain their highest tier of customers. This means that you can expect top notch customer service as well as top of the line protection from your state of the art system. Whether you are having an installation issue, trouble with activating certain features of your set up, or are experiencing an emergency situation, the customer service that comes with interactive security systems will make resolving your problems easy.

How an Interactive Home Security System Can Keep Your Home Safe

Security systems come in all shapes and sizes and each system has its own unique set of features. Going for a top of the line, interactive security system c help keep your home safe, provide you with a number of useful additional features, and ensure that you receive top of the line customer service from the security company that you choose.